“AMAZING! This project means so much to me, as a volunteer, and to those who receive the totes.  Everyone should take part in this initiative.”

Amy, Volunteer

Who does Dignity Grows™ serve?

Dignity Grows™ serves our neighbors in need who are unable to afford personal hygiene products. Dignity Grows™ supports and provides capacity for local agencies to meet the hygiene needs of their communities.

What are the benefits of becoming a Chapter Partner?

As a Chapter Partner, you will receive a complete template to set up, organize and run the chapter, including step-by-step instructions for project launch, strategic sourcing partners and ongoing professional support. You will realize the strength and resources that come from being part of a growing national network.

The benefits of starting a Dignity Grows™ chapter extend beyond your local Jewish Federation. You will engage new and untapped volunteers who will see first-hand your Federation’s dedication to Tikkun Olam, opening the door to engage volunteers in other Federation activities. Since the Packs are recurring, volunteers will return, creating a lasting connection to your local Jewish Federation. There is also no financial barrier to involvement, which can be off-putting for some.

Dignity Grows™ demonstrates one of the many ways your local Federation supports the community, regardless of ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. It reinforces Federation’s visibility as a committed, caring partner for all.

We’re interested! What do we do now?

Starting a Chapter might appear a bit overwhelming, but the Organizational Toolkit will lead both professionals and volunteers on a step-by-step journey to create a vision, form a committee, host and hold a Dignity Pack and finally to distribute the Dignity Totes.

Learn What Comes Next
  1. Contact key professionals and/or lay leaders and share your interest. Visit dignitygrows.org together and create your community’s vision.
  2. Identify Dignity Grows™ committee chair(s) and members.
  3. Identify one or two Distribution Partners, starting within the Jewish Community, such as Jewish Family Services or synagogue-based food banks. Assess their needs and set attainable goals. Remember, you can add more Distribution Partners later.
  4. Set a date and location for your first Packing Party. Choose a space that allows for safe, comfortable setup and event flow.
  5. Coordinate with your Distribution Partners when and where to pick up their Dignity Totes.
  6. Identify storage locations in your facility or within the community.
  7. After signing up to form your Chapter, the Organizational Toolkit will provide curated links to order hygiene products and Dignity Tote bags. The staff at Dollar Days and Custom Earth Promotions are well-versed in the ideal items for Dignity Grows™ and can answer all questions. Order enough products to have a few extra Dignity Totes on hand.
  8. Share the short Dignity Grows™ video to educate your community about the impact of period poverty. Use the templates for flyers and social media slides provided in the Dignity Grows™ Organizational Toolkit to invite volunteers to your upcoming Packing Party.
  9. Unpack and organize supplies. Use the floorplan and guides included in the Dignity Grows™ Organizational Toolkit to maximize engagement and socialization opportunities during your Packing Party.
  10. Enjoy your Packing Party! Share the rewarding and meaningful hands-on excitement of assembling Dignity Totes with your volunteers. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!
  11. Share your Dignity Grows™ experience on social media, in the local press, on the Dignity Grows™ website and with your Federation and the larger community!

What is in a Dignity Tote?

Dignity Totes contain a month’s supply of shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Packs for females include sanitary pads and tampons. Packs for men include disposable razors and shaving cream. Items are delivered discreetly in reusable zipper-top tote bags.

What can I expect from my relationship with our Distribution Partners?

Your relationships with Distribution Partners will grow and prosper over time as their clients will rely on the monthly products. They will likely want to continue distributing Dignity Totes monthly as any disruption of the packs will create unease for both the Distribution Partner and their clients.

Distribution Partners will also help identify other agencies who can benefit from the Totes. Over time, agency employees, volunteers, and clients will choose to help at Packing Parties as a means of giving back to the project.

Why not accept product donations or in-kind donations?

“Free” products dry up. While it is wonderful to receive product donations, they are most often one-time donations. It then becomes difficult to secure additional products from the distributor. Dignity Grows™ has researched and cultivated cost-effective resources for procuring consistent and uniform supplies. Recipients appreciate knowing exactly what they receive every month.

Why do we not ask Packing Party volunteers or local community volunteers to donate products?

There is security and dignity for a recipient to know what they can expect in each month’s Dignity Tote. The uniformity of products is very important to recipients.

For as little as $10 you can donate a Dignity Tote to a neighbor in need, helping her to be more productive while safeguarding her dignity. After all, it’s the little things that make a big difference in people’s lives.